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TikTok for Filmmakers

TikTok, the social media platform is quickly becoming an essential tool for filmmakers, opening doors to showcase their work to a broad audience, providing support and inspiration all over the world. This workshop teaches emerging and established filmmakers how to use Tiktok to develop and advance their filmmaking skills, find collaborators, showcase their work, and grow an audience for their projects.

Tiktok has a massive reach with billions of worldwide downloads, and a huge and extremely engaged user base that is unique among the social channels. No other platform offers such a robust short-form video format, a suite of creative tools, deep community engagement, promotion and marketing features and collaborative opportunities - vital tools for contemporary filmmakers and content creators. Participnts will learn how to produce short-form TikTok-length films in this workshop, and use Tiktok to build an audience for their work by sharing the creative workflow, from behind the scenes access to educating other filmmakers, collaborating and crowd-sourcing ideas and input on projects. We’ll deep dive into the many filmmaking-specific challenges, contests and festival relationships that TikTok develops to energize filmmakers. 

Explore the many collaborative opportunities among filmmakers, actors, writers, directors, cinematographers, editors, lighting, audio and visual effects specialists; allowing for shared creativity, cross-promotion, and exposure to new audiences. And of course, we’ll explore the vast opportunities that TikTok provides to educate, for filmmakers to share their expertise and knowledge through tutorials, provide tips, tricks, and insights on every aspect of filmmaking, such as screenwriting, directing, cinematography, and editing to inspire other aspiring filmmakers. If you contribute to the community, it opens the door to paid work, collaboration, partnerships (and/or funding) for your work. 

Location: Online via Zoom
Category: Filmmaking Intensive
Maximum Capacity: 15
6 hours of instruction in 2 parts$105 /member$130 /nonmember

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