Analogue Resilience – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I sign up for workshops and discussion sessions?
Registered participants will sign up for workshops in-person only, onsite at LIFT. Sign ups will be posted beginning May 25. Discussion sessions will be open to all registered gathering attendees.

2 . How can I participate if I have not or can no longer register?
The film labs gathering will involve a variety of programs, some of which we are excited to be opening to the public, and others which, due to the capacity limitations of the hosting space and logistical constraints, will be limited to registered participants. Registration for workshops, submission to the open screening and participation in closed discussion sessions will be limited to registered participants. Please visit to explore the film labs gathering events that do not require registration for the gathering to attend. We hope to be able to make some of the proceedings available for on-line viewing, either simultaneously or after the event. More information about on-line access will be made available closer to the event.

3. How do I meet or know who’s presenting and attending?
Registered participants will be invited to join a discord channel to communicate with other participants in advance of and during the gathering. We will also be using this as a resource to communicate logistics during the gathering. If you plan on bringing equipment and would like to share this would be an excellent place to let people know. A program guide will be available online and in print in advance of the gathering.

4. Will I be able to attend every event in the gathering if I register?
Some venues for events will be able to accommodate every registered participant and others will have a much more limited capacity. The program isn’t designed for every person to attend every event, but rather, to accommodate the huge array of interests present in this community. We plan to facilitate spaces for spontaneous interfacing and ad hoc skill sharing.

5. Can I rent equipment and use the facilities while attending the Gathering?
Registered participants will be able to rent equipment from LIFT during the film labs gathering. If you are a registered participant, but are not a LIFT member, there will be a one-time charge of $20 to cover administration costs added to your rental fee. To increase the likelihood that the equipment you want to rent is available for you during the gathering, please reach out to the tech department in advance of the gathering at with the subject line: Film Labs Rental Request to communicate what you would like to rent. We are encouraging everyone to bring their own equipment when possible. LIFT facilities will be accessible to registered participants during operating hours throughout the film labs gathering. You can see what the LIFT Tech Department has to offer by perusing our catalogue here:

6. Can I buy filmstock and chemistry during the gathering?
LIFT carries most Kodak film stocks and some other stocks by competitors. You can find the complete list on-line at We will have a lot of stock on-hand during the event. Film can be ordered online in advance for pick up. We encourage you to order in advance of the labs meeting to ensure its availability. Canadian prices for Kodak film stock are competitive with the rest of the world. You can also purchase Kodak Dektol, Fixer and Hypoclear. For other chemicals, please reach out to Niagara Custom Lab, Film Plus, or Downtown Camera.

7 .Can I show my film and will there be screenings?
LIFT will be facilitating multiple Open Screenings during the film labs gathering. An Open Screening is a format in which participants bring their own films that they would like to share and will be shown in no particular order. Acceptable formats are Super8, 8mm, 16mm and digital formats (.mov and H264, limited to stereo sound playback). There will be a ten minute time limit per film, and a limit of two films per filmmaker. Additionally, LIFT will be compiling a directory of exciting analogue film screening events and performances occurring throughout the city concurrent with the gathering, which we highly encourage gathering participants to attend.

8 .When should I book my arrival and departure?
The gathering runs from May 25 to May 30, but we have programmed the first and last day lightly to accommodate people’s travel. On the first day, there will be a get-together in the evening at a local establishment. While the last day will have light morning events. Most international flights arrive in Toronto in the morning and leave in the evening.

9. Do I need a visa to enter Canada?
Find out if you need a visa here: ​​  The pandemic has made the Government of Canada’s visa processing slow, so start the process as soon as you can. In most cases a Tourist Visa is all you need to attend the meeting. We are happy to provide a letter of invitation if you need it for the visa application.

10 . Will you be offering travel bursaries?
We have a very limited budget, but if you do need financial assistance to come to the gathering, please reach out to as soon as possible. We are more than happy to provide letters of invitation after your confirmed registrations for you to apply for independent funding in your country of origin.

11. Where is the gathering taking place?
The gathering will be taking place in a number of venues within the City of Toronto, located in Canada. The majority of the workshops will be taking place on-site at Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), which will be available to participants to access as an open studio space throughout the gathering. We are still determining what the other sites for the gathering will be, but are aiming to centralize spaces within a limited proximity to LIFT.

LIFT is located at 1137 Dupont Street, north of the Dufferin Station on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth subway line on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), which runs east to west along the breadth of the city. The neighborhood is safe and walkable and served by regular transit. Maps and wayfinding materials will be available closer to the event.

Monday May 30 will involve a trip to Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Islands, a lovely urban park that is a quick ferry ride from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal located centrally downtown. Ferry tickets can be purchased at the ferry terminal, but we recommend buying them online in advance. Instructions on how to get to the Island will be provided to participants closer to the date.

12. Where can I find accommodations to stay?
The cost of living in Toronto is currently very high, but some more affordable options are: hostels, booking in a university dorm room, such as the Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) ( or University of Toronto’s St. George Campus ( ) student accommodation or make a group booking on Airbnb. At the end of March 2023, we will be able to share a promotion code for participants booking their accommodation at Toronto Metropolitan University, please email for more information after the end of March.

13. How can I get around Toronto?
The best way to get around Toronto is public transportation via the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). Participants will be provided a wayfinding guide between the different venues in their program booklet with transit information and suggestions. Depending on Toronto weather in May, other transportation options include bike shares (most commonly Bike Share Toronto) and walking.

14. What will accessibility look like at the gathering?
LIFT is aiming to use as many accessible spaces as possible. More information on venue accessibility will be available when the spaces are finalized. If you have any accessibility requirements, including physical accommodation, ASL interpretation or language interpretation, please reach out by April 1 so that we can work to accommodate it.
If you are a last-minute attendee, then we cannot guarantee all accessibility accommodations will be met in time for your attendance.

15. What should I do about food?
LIFT will be providing catered lunches from May 26 – 30, 2023 as well as coffee, tea and snacks at the discussion sessions. The opening night reception will be held at a local restaurant and bar near LIFT’s facilities on Dupont. Breakfasts and dinners are the meals that participants will have to take care of themselves. But to help folks get better acquainted with the city and the amazing food it has to offer, we’ll provide some suggestions in the gathering booklet for every kind of budget. You can review restaurants on BlogTO by neighborhoods.

16. Will there be childcare available at the gathering?
Please get in touch by April 1 if you require childcare during the gathering so we can help make arrangements. We are happy to be able to support that cost if we are informed in advance.

If you are a last-minute attendee, then we cannot guarantee childcare will be available.