Support Grants

* Next deadline TBD *


December 8, 2017


Deadline: Monday, December 18, 2017 at 5:00pm   Next deadline TBD

Complete grant applications must be received by 5:00pm on Monday, December 18, 2017 at 5:00pm by mail or dropped off in person to the LIFT office. Absolutely no fax or email applications will be accepted. Printing and photocopying will not be provided by the LIFT office.)


In an effort to foster independent filmmaking, LIFT has made up to $16,000 in equipment credits available to eligible General, Production and Student members.

The funds are intended for production or post-production purposes. A single project can receive a maximum of $2,000 in equipment credits. Filmmakers at all levels of experience are welcome to apply. To be eligible for consideration, the application must be completed in full. Please note that there is no retroactive funding. All results will be released by April 30, 2018.

1. All General, Production and Student members in good standing as of the December 18, 2017 application date are eligible to apply. All outstanding debts must be paid in full prior to applying.
2. First time filmmakers and students may apply. Students must provide a letter from advisor stating that project is not related to film from their college/university program
3. LIFT Grant recipients from 2016 are ineligible. Previous grant recipients may apply after one grant deadline has passed.
4. Anyone who has previously received a LIFT Production grant must have completed their previous project, submitted final reports and final copies of the work to LIFT and/or waived the grant for projects not completed before they can apply for a new project. Final report must be submitted and approved BEFORE the 2017 deadline.
5. Applicants must hold, and retain, creative, and editorial control in the director/filmmaker role, as well as copyright to the project for which they apply. Producers are not eligible to apply unless they are also the director.
6. Applicants may apply for funding for only one (1) project per application
7. Collaborative projects are eligible to apply. One collaborator will submit the project in their name, but the application must include résumés for all participants.
8. Interdisciplinary projects are welcome, however, film/digital must play a role in the project. Priority is given to celluloid focused projects, but all formats are eligible.
9. The following types of projects are ineligible: industrial or corporate projects; calling card films; student projects; music videos; web series, conventional forms of theatrical and television entertainment, such as dramas, movies-of-the-week and news reports; and post-production projects that have no creative element, such as blow-up processes, transfers from one format to another, duplication, DCP creation or subtitling.

Budget Requirements
1. Requests for development funds, promotion, distribution or packaging costs will not be accepted.
2. Filmmakers can apply for 100% of their total budget.
3. If the request is less than 10% of the total budget, applicants must explain why LIFT’s contribution would be significant to their film.
4. Applicants must submit a detailed budget outlining how the credit requested from LIFT will be used.
5. All budgets must be detailed and balanced. The total of the expenses must match the total of the revenues.
6. Budgets must include a detailed list of all the revenue sources, pending or confirmed, and the amount requested from each source.

Application Procedure
A grant application includes: a completed and signed application form; additional written materials as required; and support material as required.
1. You must provide three copies of your application, plus the original (for a total of four copies), for review and assessment by the LIFT jury. These copies, including all written attachments, must be collated and numbered, double-sided on white 8 1/2” x 11” letter sized paper. Do not staple. Only one copy of visual support material is required.
2. Complete grant applications must be received by 5:00pm on Monday, December 18, 2017 by mail or dropped off in person to the LIFT office. Absolutely no fax or email applications will be accepted. Printing and photocopying will not be provided by the LIFT office.
3. Late, incomplete, or ineligible applications will not be accepted.

Selection Criteria
LIFT supports film-based projects that offer something unique, whether in aesthetic exploration, social relevance, and or cultural contribution. Projects should demonstrate artistic integrity, originality, and vision. The jury will take into account the demonstrated ability to complete the project. Projects may be intended for any presentation method or context.

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, all projects meeting the criteria may not receive funding.

– All jury decisions are final.
– Jury comments are confidential and will not be released.
– The jury is not obliged to award all the equipment credit available.

If You Receive a Grant
1. The filmmaker must be a Production member in good standing, and must sign a contract with LIFT before the grant is released. Successful General and Student members must upgrade to a Production membership, following regular membership upgrade procedures, before the grant is released.
2. Recipients of a grant must acknowledge LIFT’s support in their film credits. Logo and wording will be provided.
3. Upon completion of the film, the filmmaker must submit a report and summary of expenditures, along with any pertinent information about the film (e.g. promotional material, awards, etc.).
4. If after one year of the contract signing the film is not complete, written progress reports and summary of expenditures to date must be provided to LIFT.
5. Grants that are unused or partially unused after two years will be voided. Credits will not be made available to the granted individual after this time.
6. Successful applicants must provide LIFT with a final DVD (NTSC) copy of their completed film for our records.
7. Grant recipients agree to allow for LIFT to use stills and/or project information in promotional and funding applications. LIFT will credit authorship for any documentation used in promotional materials.
8. Equipment credits are non-transferable. Equipment credits cannot be applied to membership dues, workshops, miscellaneous office fees, other projects outside of grant proposal, keycard purchase or LIFT Store items.

Inquiries can be made to
Subject Heading: LIFT Production Support Program 2017