Accessibility at LIFT

LIFT is working hard to make our facilities more accessible to our community as best as possible. The organization welcomes any suggestions from the community about how we can improve access.

Currently, LIFT facility, which is located at 1137 Dupont Street, is accessible in the following ways:

– The facility is on one level, with access from the Gladstone Avenue side entrance (on brick paving).

– The side entrance on Gladstone Avenue is wheelchair accessible, with power doors to assist in entry.

– Our washrooms are designed for wheelchair clearance, although we currently don’t have power doors. Both washroom signs also have braille identification on the doors.

– Many post-production facility suites, our main and digital classroom classrooms and our kitchen were built with wheelchair clearance in mind.

– We will work to support access needs for our production members. If accommodation with facilities are needed please let our Technical Department know in advance of your visit so we can work together on how to provide accommodation. For off-site equipment rentals, all renting members are asked to bring their own crew to assist with gear loading and unloading. LIFT staff are unable to assist with the carrying of gear in and out of the building or in the loading of cameras.

-We will continue to offer a selection of our workshops online after the pandemic to allow for remote learning.

– LIFT strives to make our space and workshops as accessible as possible. Please contact us about special needs at least ten (10) business days before any workshop you are interested in and we will work towards accommodating them. Sign Language Interpreters providing American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation are available for our seasonal workshops, upon request. Thirty (30) business days’ notice is required to set up an interpreter. Please email the Education Department at to let us know if you require support.

– LIFT is a scent-free workplace and we ask all those visiting the facility not to wear scented products.

Registered Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Guide dogs, Service animals and Emotional Support Animals with vest or harness are welcome in the facility. If your guide dog/service animal does not wear a vest or harness, you can show documentation from one of the professionals on the AODA website.

Any questions or suggestions can be directed to the Executive Director at

This document was created in May 2022.
Current as of June 8, 2022.

LIFT sees this as a living document and we commit to returning to revisit it as our understanding grows.