Volunteering Opportunities

Updated: October 12, 2023

On occasion LIFT relies on the volunteer contributions of our membership to support the organization’s activities. In the early dates of LIFT, volunteer contributions were mandatory for all members accessing production equipment and facilities. Volunteering is no longer mandatory as part of LIFT’s membership.

As of October 1, 2023 members volunteering for LIFT are compensated at $16.55 per hour in volunteer credit to be applied to production equipment and/or post-production facilities rentals only.

Credits earned through volunteering for LIFT are applicable to any rental of production equipment and/or post-production facilities up to a maximum of 50% of the value of each rental; the remaining percentage requires payment in full at the time of rental pick-up.

As per membership requirements, one must be a Production Level member to rent production equipment and post-production facilities.

 Volunteer credit cannot be used towards membership fees, workshop registation or store purchases.

Volunteer calls are emailed to members via the members’ weekly ebulletin as need arises. Call are not listed on the LIFT website. There is no guarantee of a member receiving volunteer tasks. Volunteers are expected to be self-directed and have adequate skills for the required task. The allocation of volunteer hours is at the discretion of LIFT staff, depending on what staff can accommodate at that time.

Volunteer work can consist of work in the LIFT office, at LIFT events, on LIFT projects, service on committees and activities designated as volunteer service by staff.

Volunteer credits are not granted for on-set volunteer calls seen in the members e-bulletin. Those cast and crew opportunities are negotiated between LIFT members and the productions that posted the calls.

Volunteer hours that are not used in the membership year they were granted can be are carried over to the following year and are valid if the member renews their membership.

LIFT is not able to accommodate requests to fulfill the 40 hours of community service required by Ontario high school students for graduation. We suggest looking at opportunities on the Toronto Arts Council’s website.