Past Workshop Descriptions

Video Storytelling

Video is everywhere. Digital screens are the fabric of life. We rely on a constant stream of content to form opinions, engage with people and brands, buy and sell, socialize, entertain and educate ourselves. Millions of people are creating billions of hours of video. Our self-promotion and self-expression is expressed through video. Learn that creative process in this four-part intensive, from the first spark of inspiration, through pre-production, shooting, audio, lighting, editing and post.
- How to produce engaging content targeted at different audiences, or for different purposes…such as brand journalism, vlogging, marketing, documentary, etc.

- Students will learn the cinematic/narrative use of their camera, be it a DSLR camera, or a smartphone camera.

- How to plan and shoot covering images/b-roll, standups and interviews; style and techniques needed to capture and build a narrative for video.

- The art of production; how to anticipate and get the best out of your shoots, leaving yourself in a good position to succeed when you’re editing.

- Introduction to three point lighting, ambient lighting, and room lighting. How to create professional looking lighting on location, in the field, on a budget…or not.

- Introduction to audio. Recording interviews, standups and natural sound at a professional grade level.

- An overview and introduction to Premiere Pro; editing software made by Adobe.

- Editing and post-production skills, such as graphics and dynamic text, and simple animations that absolutely enhance the storytelling to capture an increasingly-distracted audience.

Past Instructor: Stephen Knifton
Category: Filmmaking Intensive
Maximum Capacity: 10
12 hours of instruction in 4 parts$150 /member$175 /nonmember

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