Past Workshop Descriptions

Materiality and Light: Handmade Techniques and Experimental Genres

Explore various direct animation techniques in this hands-on three session workshop. We will work individually from home, connecting through three zoom meetings, with the goal of accessing the magic of light and materiality through the direct physical experience of working with 16mm film. In this workshop, we will spend our time viewing films together, exploring various techniques, discussing possibilities, and pushing boundaries. We will feel what emulsion is, how image is created in the emulsion in various ways and what the physical removal of emulsion feels and looks like when the strip of film is in hand versus when projected. We will also explore what drawing on 16mm film feels and looks like and the differences between in-hand and projected to gain an experiential understanding of what 24 frames per second feel like in our hands versus in our eyes and what it takes to create, interpret and manipulate moving images in a variety of different ways. While we will be able to focus on direct animation during this online workshop, there are many more handmade and DIY techniques we can learn about. To that end, our screenings, readings, lectures and discussions will include a variety of examples from multiple experimental genres that we can move towards as the pandemic recedes, and access to supplies and equipment becomes more possible.

In addition to hands-on homework, readings and viewings will also be assigned. On the third and final zoom session of the workshop, we will screen your completed and digitized projects!

Supplies can be purchased from LIFT on an appointment basis. Digitizing of film is limited to participants based in Toronto with drop off time starting Wednesday November 25, 11am - Tuesday December 1, 5pm. A digital copy of participants work will be sent via email before Friday December 4. Filmmakers outside of Toronto with personal access to 16mm film, and who can digitize their own work are also welcome to take this workshop.

Please note: Supplies are not included in the cost of this workshop.

Supplies Reguired (In Bold) and Suggested:
- 25-100' black leader (see LIFT Store for minimum order)
- 100' clear leader (see LIFT Store for minimum order)
- some archival footage (see LIFT for availibility)
- scissors
- bleach
- cotton swabs
- permanent markers (sharpees) 
- nailpolish
- nailpolish remover
- spray bottle
- a blade (to scratch film)
- T-pin or thumb tack or any kind of pin one can draw with (scratchy draw)
- salt
- glitter glue
- spray paint
- detergent
- vinegar

Past Instructor: Anna Kipervaser
Category: Filmmaking Intensive
Maximum Capacity: 10
3 hours of instruction in 3 parts$100 /member$125 /nonmember

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