Past Workshop Descriptions

Hand Processing Colour Film

This hands-on workshop will teach you how to process colour reversal motion picture film stock in E6 chemistry, using various techniques including the Russian hand processing tanks and the “ bucket” method. Participants will shoot Super 8mm and16mm colour stocks and then put the processing techniques into practice. You will then view the footage that you processed, look at other films that were hand processed and further discuss the aesthetics and techniques of hand processing.

The Camera Theory and Hand Processing Black and White Film workshops are strongly recommended as prerequisites. This course is recommended as a companion to the Organic Film Processing and Extreme Low Budget Analogue Filmmaking. This workshop includes all film, darkroom chemistry and supplies. All equipment and facility credits must be used by Friday May 29, 2020. Facility time must be used during LIFT office hours (Monday–Friday, 10am–6pm). Chemistry for practice time is subject to availability (expires two weeks after workshop); participants may have to purchase their own chemistry from the LIFT store.​

Past Instructor: Derek Jenkins
Category: Creative Practises
Maximum Capacity: 4
8 hours of instruction $150 /member$175 /nonmember

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