Past Workshop Descriptions

The Simple Magic of Analogue Photography

A full hands-on experience in photochemical still image creation. Each participant will build a cardboard pinhole camera from scratch, use it to expose latent images on photo paper and develop those in caffenol in a portable darkroom at LIFT. From these negatives, positive contact prints will be made, and photograms (cameraless images on photo paper) and various darkroom techniques will be experimented with. Participants will take away their cameras, their images, personal comprehension of how light and shadow affect an emulsion, the feeling of waiting for an imagination to be revealed, and the ability to carry on in the simplest temporary dark space at home.

This workshop is open to all artists, no prior film experience necessary. This workshop includes all film and supplies for use during the workshop.

Past Instructor: Sandy McLennan
Category: Creative Practises
Maximum Capacity: 8
6 hours of instruction $125 /member$150 /nonmember

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