Past Workshop Descriptions

Light and The Corporeal

Explore photogramming, and DIY bench contact-printing in B&W and Color. The goal is to access the magic of light and materiality through the direct physical experience of working with 16mm film. In this workshop, we will start by experimenting with how the world can be represented through the presence of objects rather than the representation of objects, utilizing cameraless techniques in the darkroom. The unpredictable and poetic relationship of image captured through physicality to image projected will be explored, projecting our ideas into the future by hand-processing and creating multiple generations through DIY bench contact printing and through layering of DIY contact printing and photogramming, dealing with negative and positive images. We will feel what emulsion is, how image is created in the emulsion when the strip of film is in hand versus when projected to gain an experiential understanding of what 24 frames per second feel like in our hands and in our eyes.

This workshop includes all film, darkroom chemistry, and supplies for use during the workshop.

Past Instructor: Anna Kipervaser
Category: Creative Practises
Maximum Capacity: 6
8 hours of instruction $125 /member$150 /nonmember

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