Past Workshop Descriptions

Directing Music Videos

This workshop will explore the world of music videos both in practise
and in theory. Because the music video industry is always innovating,
the course will discuss the context of recent changes (streaming, social
media, album films, lyric videos), as well as influential works past to
present in music video history. Breaking down the components of
a music video from idea to execution, this workshop will also cover
production at various scales. The artistic pre-production and edit of the
finished piece - crafting its exact rhythm, pace, and style - in context of
the artist’s existing creative structure will be a highlight. Music videos
are an incredibly fluid and valuable format, and a great starting point
for directors to find their visual personality.

The Introduction to Independent Filmmaking and Camera Theory workshops are recommended as prerequisites.

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Past Instructor: Sally Walker-Hudecki
Category: Directing
Maximum Capacity: 15
4 hours of instruction $60 /member$85 /nonmember

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