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Darkroom Play with 16mm Colour Film

NOTE: It is recommended that participants wear a mask for all in-person workshops.

Colour film is another world, in a magical way. It has its own tricks that participants will have an opportunity to play in the darkroom. In this eight-hour workshop you will shoot 16mm colour "print stock" with a Bolex camera using various filters, then try different processes: negative and reversal, both-in-one-clip. Sometimes realistic, mostly not — what do you love when you see it? Kodak 3383 is the lowest cost 16mm film per foot and it does not have the Remjet coating, so it's straightforward to start experimenting with. See if this exploration suits your curiosity, work thechnique or aesthetic look. We'll use the simplest chemistry recipes containing some locally-sourced ingredients, with some also from chemical suppliers. Learn the many variables and have fun with hand processing colour film in this new workshop with Sandy McLennan.

Past Instructor: Sandy McLennan
Category: Creative Practises
Maximum Capacity: 4
8 hours of instruction $150 /member$175 /nonmember

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