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Emotional Landscapes in Film - Facilitated Workshop

Following on from Antonia’s Artist Talk, those interested in delving further into Antonia’s creative process are invited to participate in Part 2 of the Masterclass which will further investigate her visual storytelling approach and hands-on experimentation.

The facilitated workshop will focus closer on some scene examples from “The Other Side of the River.” Each close reading will explore a different emotional landscape of oppression and empowerment. To decide what qualifies as an emotional landscape can be one of the biggest challenges in storytelling. The facilitated workshop will ask the participants to understand and analyze the different tools we have to visualize emotional worlds and how Antonia uses them throughout “The Other Side of the River.”

In advance of the second day of the facilitated workshop the participants will be tasked with working on visualizing emotional landscapes of oppression and empowerment (either with or without human beings, animals, plants or without living beings at all, for example just rooms). To prepare the participants will be asked to consider what emotions they connect to oppression and empowerment and which of them they want to explore in the homework. Different visual approaches  will be discussed and the emotions that they seek to convey; calm, hasty, tripod, moving, wide, close, edited, if edited how fast?

On the second day, May 20, the group will present their results of the assignment and together will analyze and discuss the experience of creating these short scenes.

In advance of the event, registrants will receive an online link to watch the film. Zoom links for the event will be sent an hour before the event in a reminder email. 

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Past Instructor: Antonia Kilian
Category: Creative Practises
Maximum Capacity: 10
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