Past Workshop Descriptions

Script Coordinating

What happens after a writer types “The End” but before the first day of principal photography? The workshop will explore this gulf between the writer’s room and production—otherwise known as the Script Coordinator. Proper script formatting, legal and clearances, revisions and other production issues that may arise between a writer’s draft and the shooting script will be discussed. A tutorial covering the industry standards, Final Draft and Movie Magic, will also finally answer: what does that “Locking” function do? You have your story written but it won’t come to life if production can’t make their day.

This course is recommended as a companion to Advanced Script Studio,
Producing Dramatic Film, Directing Dramatic Film and Production Management workshops.

Past Instructors: Ryan Spencer & Trevor Finn
Category: Directing
Maximum Capacity: 15
3 hours of instruction $60 /member$85 /nonmember

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