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Smartphone Filmmaking

The question is always asked: What’s the best camera to get if you want to develop your filmmaking skills? The answer is: The one you already own. Smartphone Filmmaking teaches you to leverage your smartphone and turn it into a filmmaker’s Swiss Army Knife. With a $19 software add-on, your phone evolves into a sophisticated DSLR filmmaking camera. Creatively you can compose shots, control light, colour, motion, focus, depth of field, frame rate, resolution and audio. Participants will learn the software, and the creative techniques that have turned smartphone filmmaking into its own genre. The quality of work you can produce from your phone is remarkable, easily up to the standards of vlogging, commercial and brand video work, documentary and narrative film work.
There are peripherals and gear that can raise your creative capabilities even further, such as add-on lenses, audio and lighting augmentation, steadicam gimbals and tripods. Learn and review the gear and consider the creative and cost-benefit value of each. There are platforms and film festivals for smartphone films and a number of established Hollywood directors have made the switch. Kids and students can learn to put their smartphones to creative use and adults can learn to create video content for their brands, their business or their passions. The chance to become a filmmaker is already in your hands.

The Introduction to Independent Filmmaking and Camera Theory workshops are recommended as prerequisites.

Prior to the class, please create a profile on Zoom and download the free version of the application. You will receive an email from LIFT with an invitation link to join the workshop one hour before the class begins which will prompt you to open the application or web browser. Please ensure that you log in using a Zoom account with a profile name that appears as the same name registered for the class. If not, for security reasons, you may not be permitted to join. During the workshop, we advise that you keep your microphone on mute to minimize external noise and that you unmute when participating in class discussions. Please also arrive to the session on time for attendance and class participation. ONLINE workshops may be recorded for staff and facilitator assessment. Recorded material will not be made available to participants. Review all workshop policies before registering.

Category: Filmmaking Intensive
Maximum Capacity: 15
6 hours of instruction in 2 parts$100 /member$125 /nonmember

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