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Improvise your Screenplay

Some writers look at a blank page and cannot wait to fill it with words and stories. This course is for the rest of us.

Theatrical improv is a wonderful tool for screenwriters working in any genre. It can help you create authentic-sounding dialogue, avoid cliches, develop realistic characters, easily and consistently generate more ideas, and identify the “what’s next” of your story. Through a series of easy-to-learn, fun improv games and exercises, plus short writing bursts, you will learn how to get out of your own way and let intuition guide your screenplays. The course is divided across two Saturdays. Students will be given a writing assignment on the first Saturday that will be individually assessed. These assessments will inform and influence the games and exercises presented on the second Saturday.

No experience with improv is needed. The sessions are relaxed. The need to be funny is de-emphasized and the focus put on using improv to add spontaneity and authenticity to your writing. As a participant, you will experience a supportive environment that will teach you the skills to make the blank page feel a little bit less scary. Please join us!

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Past Instructors: Peter Reynolds & Neil Jones
Category: Directing
Maximum Capacity: 10
8 hours of instruction in 2 parts$125 /member$150 /nonmember

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