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The Workflow of the Full-Dome Projections for Independent Productions

The dome images have been around for a long time, and art history has seen many forms of vaulted images, an art form that seems to have a metaphysical ability to provide an immersive artistic experience. However, due to issues such as the curvature of the dome and the perspective created by projection, it wasn't until high-definition digital projection technology became widely available that a relatively simple and workable workflow was slowly developed to provide independent producers with a more convenient and inexpensive Full-Dome solution. A dome screen is simply a curved screen, but its camera and editing language are very different from that of a rectangular screen film. Although there are many different ways of making spherical images (there is no standard process for creating art), Sandy will share with you a simple workflow that he has been exploring with colleagues in recent years, which should be at the disposal of most artists who create images digitally. He will briefly explain how to use the Full Dome Camera in Cinema 4D, how to use the 180 fisheye lenses, the 360-degree camera, and other examples of using practical ways to generate images, as well as how to create Full-Dome format content that will fit in most of the Full-Dome systems in the world. Finally, he will briefly explain how to set up your own dome projections. 

Past Instructor: Xin Sandy Ding
Category: Creative Practises
Maximum Capacity: 15
3 hours of instruction $60 /member$85 /nonmember

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