Past Workshop Descriptions

Creating and Producing Cinemagraphs

Invented by a pair of New York City photographers, cinemagraphs are a digital art form that is just starting to be creatively exploited. Built on a combination of video, still photography and post-production, they’re picture-perfect for story-telling narratives on social media and making their way into music videos, advertising and film.

The core motion is only a second or two, but they’re designed as a perpetual motion image that is a catnip for the senses. Well-produced, creative and engaging cinemagraphs are mesmerizing and is pure gold for marketers. Used for showcasing design, destinations, cuisine, hospitality or experiences, they are versatile, and can be displayed on any digital screen, of any size, in any location, from a mobile smartphone screen to a Time Square billboard.

Learn the techniques and unique compositional skills to take your cinemagraphs to the next level from a professional who adopted them early, and has been tweaking and improving his craft ever since. Acquire another tool for your tool belt with the creative possibilities and versatility for your next project.

Learn the entire skillset in this workshop:
● Cameras and lenses
● Composition and framing
● Software
● Staging shots
● Use of time lapse and stop motion
● Shooting on the streets
● Shooting in “layers”
● Recognizing and capturing the perfect loop
● Shooting props or product shots
● Editing and post-production

Azure magazine awards
Nyc + toronto neighbourhoods
Xmas in Toronto

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Past Instructor: Stephen Knifton
Category: Creative Practises
Maximum Capacity: 15
6 hours of instruction in 2 parts$100 /member$125 /nonmember

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