Past Workshop Descriptions

Playing with Location Sound

Wander the scene listening like you're shooting; focus in and isolate something you didn't hear before. In this scavenger hunt for audio gems, participants will record on site with various simple apparatuses, transfer some of this captivating sound to digital, and have fun editing and processing.

Participants will use low budget devices such as a portable cassette recorder, an inexpensive handheld digital recorder and a smart phone. Sound will be recorded of a place but yet have its own procession. Hearing anew then improvising an assembly; location sound, but not replication. The activity is amusing and provocative, playing with rhythm, repetition, dynamics and audio story line. Software will be used to cut, layer and mix your sounds to reveal a surprising impression. It's like hand-processing film in the darkroom; you may not know what you'll get, but you'll know when you like it. We'll end with a listening party, and participants will take their original and edited sound files home, leaving with an experience, practice with tools and prompts about sound in general, and new ideas about sound for film.

This workshop is recommended as a companion to the Introduction to Post-Production Sound for Filmmakers, Sound Design with Pro Tools, Extreme Low Budget Analogue Filmmaking, Bolex 16mm Cameras, Arri SRII 16mm and Aaton XTR Prod Super 16mm and Hand Processing workshops.

Past Instructor: Sandy McLennan
Category: Sound
Maximum Capacity: 8
8 hours of instruction $125 /member$150 /nonmember

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