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Producing Low Budget Music Videos

The current demand of music video creators is such that the same attention grabbing, visually arresting nature of music videos are expected, but with increasingly lower budgets and near impossible production deadlines. To meet these current demands, music video creators have to take on more roles to see the whole project through from inception to completion. As such, a more broader understanding of all the various roles, tasks, and expectations of a production is required. Re-thinking the budgeting process as creative problem solving, and knowing where and how to allocate funds on a project to project basis, has become an important skill-set for modern music video producers.

This course is aimed towards filmmakers who want to gain a deeper understanding on various producer duties like project proposals and budgeting, as well as for producers who want to branch out into more creative rolls. Throughout this two-evening lecture based workshop, we will approach a project from the concept and pitch stage, through to the final delivery. We will look at different case studies, focusing on how to re-structure a concept to meet the budget demands while creatively organizing the budget to best suit the requirements of the video. This is where you will decide how many roles you'll be required to play by understanding your own creative strengths and weaknesses.

The Introduction to Independent Filmmaking workshop is strongly recommended as a prerequisite. 

Past Instructor: Trevor Blumas
Category: Producing
Maximum Capacity: 8
8 hours of instruction $125 /member$150 /nonmember

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