Screenings & Exhibitions

LIFT presents occasional screenings and exhibitions of work in Toronto and beyond. We also regularly co-present screenings and exhibitions with other organizations to support an engaged and rigorous media-arts ecology. We can assist hundreds of films each year but without venues and distributors to help them reach the public this work doesn’t have the life it deserves. We our fortunate to live in a city with over 100 film festivals each year, numerous year round programmers and dozens of galleries showing media arts.
For inquiries regarding presentation and co-presentation opportunities please contact us.


Abstracts and Almanacs: Films by John Price – World Premiere

Friday 3 June 2005, 20:00

   LIFT presents an evening of short, finely textured 16 and 35mm films by filmmaker John Price. Abstracts and Almanacs is a series of films made between 2002 and 2005 that explore the vast aesthetic potential of century old film technology and alchemical experimentation. The program includes a film shot at some of the largest industrial”… more

Steve Sanguedolce’s DEAD TIME – World Premiere

Wednesday 9 March 2005, 20:00

   New Directions in Cinema is a new screening series presented by LIFT showcasing long time members and their innovative film works. The world premiere of filmmaker Steve Sanguedolce’s 35mm feature length film DEAD TIME is first up for this exciting new series. Innovative and extremely challenging, DEAD TIME is an investigation into the”… more

$99 No Excuses Film Festival Tour in Peterborough

Saturday 27 November 2004, 00:00

LIFT presents a benefit screening for the Peterborough Arts Umbrella to help raise funds for the Peterborough arts community, which experienced a devastating flood disaster this past summer.Started in 2002, LIFT’s $99 No-Excuses Film Festival challenges the demons that occasionally plague independent filmmakers: the four horsemen of procrastination”… more

Collage Collisions – Recent Films by Martha Colburn (In Person)

Friday 29 October 2004, 20:00

Martha Colburn, the queen of defiled hand coloured collage animation, makes a triumphant return to Toronto with a selection of some of her most recent films. Since 1994 Colburn has created more than 35 films that are a remarkable blend of pleasure and perversity. Creating dazzling rhythmic visual montages from pop culture ephemera, stylishly interm”… more

LIFT Screening: What these ashes wanted

Thursday 9 October 2003, 20:00

 The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto And The Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre present WHAT THESE ASHES WANTED by Phil Hoffman  Phil Hoffman will attend the screening.    The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto And The Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre present WHAT THESE ASHES WANTED by Phil H”… more

LIFT and INSIDE/OUT Screening: Dykes About Town

Sunday 18 May 2003, 19:00

 LIFT, Buddies in Bad Times theatre and John Bailey Film and Video Completion Fund are proud to co-sponsor the programme: DYKES ABOUT TOWNYou know’em, you love’em, hell, you’ve dated’em!As part of the INSIDE/OUT: 13th Annual Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival.   LIFT, Buddies in Bad Times theatre and John Bailey Fil”… more