LIFT Welcomes Summer Staff – June 2023


(L-R) Esteban Powell and Poppi Fella Pellegrino

June 29, 2023

Welcome to Summer 2023 Staff

Thanks to the Canada Summer Job program, supported by the Canadian Government, we are able to welcome two summer staff to LIFT this summer. Esteban Powell is our Technical Assistant this summer at LIFT. Esteban will be assisting our Technical team, Robin Riad, Karl Reinsalu and Noah Henderson in the equipment room and production facilities. Poppi Fella Pellegrino is our new Education and Outreach Assistant this summer at LIFT. She will be assisting our Education and Outreach Coordinator Shenaz Baksh and our Education and Outreach Administrator Iman Abbaro in day-to-day coordinating of the summer workshop season.

“Returning to LIFT is a dream I did not imagine happening so soon after having finished university. Starting my professional film journey in such a warm, integrated, and resourceful centre is a privilege I do not oversee. The way that LIFT hosted Analogue Resilience: A Film Labs Gathering, and the promising summer ahead shows just the tenacity of this small and mighty team with how much they are capable of. To be part of the Tech Department is a joy. I will bring what I’ve already learned over the years, as well as learning daily from the vast technologies available in the suites, store, and rentals. I always feel truly welcome by the team, trusted, and uplifted. They are each an inspiration in their own way, and move me to bring the best I can be every day I come in. I look forward to meeting more community members and staff throughout the summer!”
—Esteban Powell

Esteban Powell is a Mexican-Canadian artist and filmmaker exploring both analogue and digital mediums. He is a recent graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Film Studies program, with his directorial thesis film “Vela” in its international festival run. It has been nominated and awarded for various categories, and he is excited for the ongoing festival run and the future of its story. Having an avid passion for writing as well, he published his first book “The Search for The Unicorn” as an ongoing fundraiser for CAMH (The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health). He aspires to continue telling genre stories conveying mental health and spirituality, through themes of faith in relationships. Esteban supports and champions like-minded artists who want to express themselves and add to these important conversations, all while enjoying the ever expanding and evolving film mediums. Even having found his element and niche, he always looks for opportunities to try new technologies and techniques to bring dreams to life. His intuition guides him through his creative practice, and welcomes the growing film community found in Toronto. In his time outside of set, he enjoys editing, painting and collaging.

“I’m so excited to be working at LIFT this summer as an education and outreach assistant! LIFT is a cornerstone of the Toronto filmmaking community, and I’m proud to be contributing to an organization which promotes equity and accessibility in film. During my time at LIFT, I’m excited to learn more about analog filmmaking and help the community develop their projects!”
—Poppi Fella Pellegrino

Poppi Fella Pellegrino is an Oakville and Toronto-based filmmaker interested in telling personal stories about connection and identity through experimental film. She is currently attending the Bachelor of Film and Television program at Sheridan College where she focuses on directing and sound design. At Sheridan, Poppi directed a short documentary about the positive impact of greenspace on mental health for her third-year thesis project. This film, “In the Forest” (co-directed by Harlow Castillo), is being screened at the 2023 Oakville Film Festival and was nominated for a third-year people’s choice award at Sheridan College. Outside of her studies, Poppi plays music with her sister under the name Kings in the Back Row and works as a video editor for the Sheridan Student Union. On and off set, Poppi is passionate about the importance of creating a kind, positive, and welcoming atmosphere for making art.