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Storyboarding is the art of pre-planning a film using a sequence of drawn or digitally constructed frames to help the creative and technical team visualise what the final film will look like. Especially when using on a tight budget - or when using lots of visual effects and extensive post-production, storyboards can be a time and cost-saving tool to help get make the director’s vision come to life.  Making a storyboard is also a great way to hone your directing skills and share your ideas and pitches.

In this workshop - we’ll go over the basics of storyboarding techniques and how it relates to what you see on screen. Even if you can’t draw, we’ll get you working on a sequence by the end of the class.

The Introduction to Independent Filmmaking and Camera Theory workshops are strongly recommended as a prerequisites. This course is recommended as a companion to the Directing Dramatic Film workshop, Script Supervision and Visual Metaphor and Expressive Directing Techniques​ workshops.​

Prior to the class, please create a profile on Zoom and download the free version of the application. You will receive an email from LIFT with an invitation link to join the workshop one hour before the class begins which will prompt you to open the application or web browser. Please ensure that you log in using a Zoom account with a profile name that appears as the same name registered for the class. If not, for security reasons, you may not be permitted to join. During the workshop, we advise that you keep your microphone on mute to minimize external noise and that you unmute when participating in class discussions. Please also arrive to the session on time for attendance and class participation. ONLINE workshops may be recorded for staff and facilitator assessment. Recorded material will not be made available to participants. Review all workshop policies before registering.

Past Instructors: Peter Hudecki & Elizabeth E. Schuch
Category: Directing
Maximum Capacity: 15
6 hours of instruction in 2 parts$105 /member$130 /nonmember

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