St Albans Boys and Girls Club: Manifesto Jamaica



From October 13th-20th 2010
a group of youth called Vibrant Voices represented the media arts program at
St. Alban’s Boys and Girls club in traveling to Kingston, to document a grass
roots arts festival called Manifesto Jamaica. LIFT supported this project through mentorship and
facilities.  Youth from St Albans
Boys and Club attended editing workshops and used LIFT post-production
facilities to log and edit footage shot in Jamaica. Youth participants
assembled and editted the final work with mentorship from LIFT staff.


Manifesto Jamaica, a sister
organization to Manifesto Toronto, is a venue to empower Jamaica’s youth through
Arts and Culture. Artists from Toronto and
Kingston worked together to provide a truly inspirational experience to
participants and called out for social change through love and positive
actions. Vibrant Voices is a youth media arts program focused on giving youth a
voice, and encouraging them to think independently, express themselves
artistically, and gain technical skills. This group of young leaders had a life
changing opportunity to learn about community building and empowerment through
the arts. They used their media skills to provide documentary coverage of the
festival, enlightening the use of art to bring people together, inspiring
positive growth and change. The documentary that they are presently working on
will be screened at the Manifesto Toronto Festival in September 2011.


St. Alban’s Boys and Girls
, now serving 2000 members a year, provides a number of innovative programs
and services to meet diverse community needs including daycare, early years
programs, children and youth after school programs,  sports and skill development, computer skills, arts
programs, youth leadership programs, prevention and education, tutoring,
mentoring,  summer and leadership
camps, aquatic lessons and community programs, a homeless shelter, and outreach
services to 10 satellite Clubs. At St. Alban’s, we strive to maintain and
strengthen our core services to children and youth while growing to meet the varied
and changing needs of our community.



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