DIY Filmmaking Techniques – Residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point




Residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point
June 2014, Toronto





Residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point
June 2014, Toronto


This hands-on workshop, appropriate for absolute beginners and small-gauge film fanatics alike, will focus on three do-it-yourself filmmaking techniques.
Facilitator: Zoë Heyn-Jones
Program Dates: June 2 – 9, 2014
Application Deadline: Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Price: $600.00 CND + HST
Participants will learn aspects of operating a Super 8mm camera including perfecting exposure and utilizing the unique features of the format. We will focus on hand-processing black & white film onsite, experimenting with various techniques including the Russian hand processing tanks and the “bucket” method. Participants will shoot Tri-X Super 8 film stock and put the processing techniques into practice, viewing their footage and looking at other hand-processed films in order to examine the aesthetics and techniques of hand-processing.

The workshop will also demonstrate additional camera-less DIY filmmaking techniques, including drawing and painting directly on 16mm film, as well as printing on 16mm film with a home laser printer. Hands-on instruction will be supplemented by film screenings, and engagement with literature. Participants are encouraged to share their own films, or films that inspire them, in several informal screenings.
This workshop includes film, darkroom chemistry and supplies. Participants are encouraged to bring a Super 8mm camera if possible; several cameras will be available for use.

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Zoë Heyn-Jones is a Toronto-based researcher and visual artist whose handmade films have screened locally and internationally. Zoë is a member of the programming collective at Pleasure Dome and serves on the board of directors at LIFT (the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto). Zoë is a PhD student in Visual Arts at York University, focusing on experimental ethnography and expanded cinema. She studied cinema and anthropology at the University of Toronto, and holds an MA in Film Studies from Concordia University and an MFA in Documentary Media from Ryerson University.
Questions can be directed to:
Lisa Cristinzo
General Manager, Artscape Gibraltar Point
Tel: 416-392-1030

Generously sponsored by the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto


Starting: Friday 4 April 2014 00:00

Non Members: $600.00

Members: $600.00

Artscape Gibraltar Point 
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