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Telecine: Film to Video Transfer: In Person

Learn how to transfer and archive your home movies and short films using LIFT’s custom film digitization system. Participants will set up projectors for transfer, splice and fix broken or weak film, load and run projectors and troubleshoot problems on LIFT’s Super 8mm, Regular 8mm and 16mm transfer projectors. Learn how to adjusting the image to achieve the optimum exposure, framing and gauging the speed of the original source. This workshop includes 4hrs of free work time that can be booked at your convenience.

Thu 25 August 2022, 6 - 10 pm   
(Registration deadline is Thu 25 August 5:00 pm)

Instructor: Robin Riad

Robin Riad is an Egyptian-Canadian Toronto-based experimental filmmaker, animator, and artist. Robin works primarily with analog mediums, specifically 16mm,Super8, and Regular 8mm film. She experiments with different modes of processing and printing techniques, along with direct animation, for her films. Robin is inspired by feminist and queer literature and experiences and aims to explore these themes in her work. As one of the Technical Coordinators at the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), she supports many artists and independent filmmakers with their arts practice. 

Category: Post-Production
Maximum Capacity: 6
4 hours of instruction $75 /member$100 /nonmember