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Social Media for Filmmakers

By 2021 the number of active social networks users should reach the mark of 3.02
 billion people, which is more than a third of the world’s population! The numbers 
are tremendous but what do they actually mean to a filmmaker? In simplest terms, you can learn the skills of filmmaking from the ground up, for free, online. Like anything else, you have to leverage that learning through practise 
and hard work. However, there are a vast array of successful and experienced filmmakers who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise on everything from camera 
skills to catering. Those are mostly blogs and vlogs which provide a one way stream of learning, but the real opportunity lies in social media, which is a two way, interactive street.
This workshop will help filmmakers strategically navigate that world to help you not only do it right, but to also improve your creative skills, find funding, inspiration, creative and brand partnerships, freelance work, as well as elevate, promote and distribute your own projects.
 Even the Academy Awards have come around, films that win Oscars are
 finally being awarded more on merit with members of the Academy listening to 
social media for organic reaction, and not being influenced so much by public relation campaigns and trade publication blitzes. This course is tailored to filmmakers, but the lessons can apply to other artists, creatives and designers.

Prior to the class, please create a profile on Zoom and download the free version of the application. You will receive an email from LIFT with an invitation link to join the workshop one hour before the class begins which will prompt you to open the application or web browser. Please ensure that you log in using a Zoom account with a profile name that appears as the same name registered for the class. If not, for security reasons, you may not be permitted to join. During the workshop, we advise that you keep your microphone on mute to minimize external noise and that you unmute when participating in class discussions. Please also arrive to the session on time for attendance and class participation. ONLINE workshops may be recorded for staff and facilitator assessment. Recorded material will not be made available to participants. Review all workshop policies before registering.

part 1: Sat 24 July 2021, 10 am - 1 pm   
part 2: Sun 25 July 2021, 10 am - 1 pm   

Instructor: Stephen Knifton

Stephen Knifton is a Toronto-born video producer and brand journalist. He began his career in network television news, working as a senior producer for the CBC in Toronto, and News Corp in New York City. He covered and produced multiple live and breaking news events; including 9/11, Gulf War, Iraq War, and has produced US election coverage and debates. He designed, created and produced a number of news and current affairs programs.

Following a career in television news, he started an online video production company, and went on to produce digital content and brand journalism for a wide variety of architects, designers, business development groups, developers, non-profits and government agencies in both Toronto, New York City and DC.

He teaches video production, video storytelling and post production at two different Toronto-area colleges, and won both a Peabody and an Emmy for his work in network news.

Category: Producing
Maximum Capacity: 15
8 hours of instruction in 2 parts$100 /member$125 /nonmember