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"Improv" Your Writing

Some people look at a blank screen and see endless possibilities. Words flow through their fingers effortlessly, filling page after page. This workshop is for the rest of us. 

Theatrical improv is a wonderful tool for writers of any genre, from creating authentic-sounding dialogue and developing realistic characters to curing writer's block. Through a series of fun improv games and exercises, you will learn how to let intuition guide your writing choices to push through common "roadblocks" when writing film or television scripts. Divided into two evenings, students will be given a writing assignment on the first evening that will be individually assessed, and will form the basis of the games and exercises in the second evening. The sessions are relaxed, de-emphasize being "funny" and will focus on using improv to add spontaneity and authenticity to your writing. Participants will experience a supportive environment that will arm you with the skills to make the blank page feel a little less scary. 

part 1: Sat 20 March 2021, 10 am - 1 pm   
part 2: Sat 27 March 2021, 10 am - 1 pm   
(Registration deadline is Fri 19 March 5:00 pm)

Instructor: Peter Reynolds

Peter Reynolds is a filmmaker and improviser who trained at Second City in Toronto. He is the owner of For the Record Productions, that specializes in creating videos for non profit organizations & disability groups. He has written film scripts and have published in On Spec Magazine, two sci-fi anthologies and Lost Hallway, a children's picture book. When not writing or improvising, Peter can usually be found behind the camera as a cinematographer.

Instructor: Neil Jones

Neil Jones is a writer, teacher, and Relational Psychotherapist from Toronto. He trained in improv at Second City, The Bad Dog Theatre, and Annex Improv. He is the co-founder of Radio Project X, an audio comedy/drama collective. He has taught From-Script-to-Voice-to-Stage, a comedy writing and performance class and Free Yourself Through Improv (a health and wellness offering for students at U of T.

Category: Writing & Directing
Maximum Capacity: 10
6 hours of instruction in 2 parts$100 /member$125 /nonmember