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Cinematography Fundamentals

The cinematographer is responsible for all the visual elements of a film. They make every creative choice related to composition, lighting, and camera motion—anything that audiences can see in a given shot. Whether you are interested in directing or shooting, this lecture-based class will give you a solid understanding of the elements of cinematography. Topics include: the cinematographer's role in pre-production, production, and post-production, film and digital formats, focus and depth of field, natural and practical lighting, shooting for editing.

Class A and Class B are the same classes offered on different dates. The Camera Theory workshop is required as a prerequisite to this class. This workshop is recommended as a companion to the Lighting Fundamentals and Creative Lighting workshops.​

Please note that a workshop does not substitute the need for LIFT members to perform a proficiency test in order to rent particular LIFT equipment and/or facilities from our Technical Department. This includes our Sony F3 Camera Package.

For ONLINE WORKSHOPS, prior to the class, please create a profile on Zoom and download the free version of the application at

You will receive an email from LIFT with an invitation link to join the workshop one hour before the class begins which will prompt you to open the application or web browser. After this, the instructor will admit you into the call.

Please ensure that you log in using a Zoom account with a profile name that appears as the same name registered for the class. If not, for security reasons, you may not be permitted to join. During the workshop, we advise that you keep your microphone on mute to minimize external noise and that you unmute when participating in class discussions. Please also arrive to the session on time so the instructor can admit you before the lesson begins.

part 1: Sat 17 October 2020, 10 am - 1 pm   
part 2: Sun 18 October 2020, 10 am - 1 pm   

Instructor: Zachary Finkelstein

Zachary Finkelstein is a film and video artist based in Toronto. He holds an MFA in Production from York University (Toronto) and a BFA from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University (Montreal). Presented internationally at film and media festivals, and in galleries, Zachary’s work draws on a wide variety of filmmaking techniques to explore themes such as active viewership and the confluence of science and art. He currently teaches Film and Media Production at Humber College. 

Location: Online
Category: Production
Maximum Capacity: 15
8 hours of instruction in 2 parts$125 /member$150 /nonmember
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