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Fiction Filmmaking in the Canadian Context: In Person

NOTE: This workshop is in person. It is recommended that participants wear a mask while on the premises.

Methodology is a rarely discussed faculty of creation, and yet methodology has always been and remains the centripetal momentum through which development, production, and distribution occur. This is because methodology has become a fixed monolith, a regurgitation of hegemony reaffirming normalized, industrialized, often unethical practices. Through this workshop, we will travel through the history of Canadian Film in order to position the necessity for reimagining the organization of filmmaking methodologies in each stage of creation. Understanding, too, that our normative methodology is orchestrated around the flows of capital, we must know to approach the design of new ideas through a dialectic collective discourse. As such, Fiction Filmmaking in the Canadian Context will employ open dialogues to help guide this fundamentally ideological inquiry into a crystallized plan of action.

The goal of this workshop is to imagine new models within which independent filmmakers might gain autonomy over their means of production. Due to this, the workshop is primarily geared towards Directors, Writers and Producers. Participants will utilize both historical fact and the generative processes behind alternative aesthetic creation to discern and question contemporary Canadian production modalities. We ask that each individual bring a single idea/narrative they're hopeful to produce, so we might gather and discuss its feasibility, and how our normalized understandings of production might have influenced their scale and aesthetics.

part 1: Tue 7 November 2023, 6 - 10 pm   
part 2: Thu 9 November 2023, 6 - 10 pm   
(Registration deadline is Tue 7 November 5:00 pm)

Instructor: Zachary Goldkind

Zachary Goldkind is an experimental-narrative filmmaker and programmer, and teacher based in Tkaronto, a part of Turtle Island. This land, under colonial contexts, has come to be known as Toronto, Canada. Zac holds an MFA in Film Production from York University. Their studies orbit subjects of aesthetic theory, image-ideology, and narrative theory; their primary focus regards the implementation of marxist analyses in confronting the heterogeneity of formalism, invoking affect theory, linguistics, and semiotic/semantic considerations throughout. Collaborating and engaging with artists and local filmmakers, Zachary’s intention is to help organize networks engaging in support through a critical reprogramming, which places agency in artists’ hands. Zachary seeks forums wherein artists can gather to express visions of futurity which would place their labour and respect before all else. Through this, their objective is one that enables the ignition of an earnest dialogue between filmmaker and spectator, filmmaker and curator, and filmmaker and filmmaker; this accomplished by means of the work they platform, the workshops/seminars they host, and, of course, their own projects.

Location: 1137 Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario M6H 2A3
Category: New Take
Maximum Capacity: 10
8 hours of instruction in 2 parts$105 /member$130 /nonmember