Strategies of the Medium IV: In 27 Seconds

Published: 15 November 2009



Curatorial essay by Chris Kennedy


Artists: Rosario Sotelo, Philip Hoffman, Joyce Wieland and Hollis Frampton, Rose Lowder, Susan Oxtoby, Cara Morton, Barbara Sternberg, Chris Welsby, Robert Todd. 


Strategies of the Medium IV: In 27 Seconds
This fourth installment of the Strategies of the Medium series will focus on international works that use the limitations and flexibility of the spring-wound Bolex camera as a structural element of composition. The Bolex cameras are perhaps the most accessible and flexible 16mm and Super 16mm production tools. Both locally and internationally there is a strong tradition of filmmakers experimenting with these elements and this screening will seek to demonstrate the variety of results possible. The evening will conclude with a discussion with some of the filmmakers who have integrated the rhythms of the Bolex camera into their working practice. This program will be supplemented by 16mm Filmmaking with the Bolex, a special production course focused on 16mm films offered as part of LIFT’s fall 2009 workshop season.


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