Strategies of the Medium III: In the Dark

Published: 15 October 2009



Curatorial essay by Chris Kennedy


Artist: Alex MacKenzie


Strategies of the Medium III: In the Dark
In this screening LIFT continues with its medium-specific programming series to explore work produced through chemical manipulation in the lab. The darkroom is an inherent part of all photographic processes and offers a host of options for alchemically inclined filmmakers. Working with chemicals can become more than a vehicle to produce a standard photographic image. The new darkroom facilities at LIFT provide space and access for filmmakers interested in taking the processing and printing of their work into their own hands. This program features a performance and discussion by Alex MacKenzie, who will also be teaching a workshop on hand-made film emulsions. This program complements LIFT’s current season of creative and technical workshops devoted to darkroom practices and camera techniques.


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