LIFT co-presents “Transpose: Works from the AgX Film Collective”

The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), PIX FILM and Ad Hoc Collective co-presents

Transpose: Works from the AgX Film Collective

A program of selected films from the Boston-based AgX Collective on the theme of transposing, shifting and dispersing as in a memory or recollected experience.
Program curated by Anto Astudillo, Susan DeLeo and Ernesto Livon-Grosman

To transfer or shift, to change the usual, normal relative order or position…

Film Program:

Wenshua Shi. Senses of Time (2018 – digital – 5:05 min)
Senses of Time depicts the lyrical and poetic passage of time. The work reflects on time and focuses on defining subjective and perceptual time with close attention to stillness, decay, disappearance, and ruins.

Peaches Goodrich. Winter Island (2016 – digital – 3:12 min)
Shot & hand processed in Salem + Beverly, MA on November 20, 2016 Using only in camera editing, fades, cross fades, multiple exposures, and back winding, this film was shot on Winter Island on 100′ of B&W 16mm film

Stefan Grabowski. Nova Remnants (2016 – digital – 10:32 min)
A nova remnant consists of matter left behind by a cataclysmic nuclear explosion, causing the intense and sudden brightening of a star. Due to the relatively short timespan over which they occur, nova remnants generally no longer exist by the time their light reaches us on Earth.

Ethan Berry. Transit (2018 –  digital – 4:05 min)
Reflections on traveling through space and time.
Susan DeLeo. Your Darkness 2018  (Super 8 to digital – 5 min)
A lyrical journey with super 8mm film and sound. A stream of consciousness piece conceived from dark wanderings and trance like states in and out of the western landscape

Sarah Bliss. Orange Band (2017 – digital – 4:44 min)
A contemporary landscape that explores the posthuman and post-industrial, searching out new ways to engage the body on the land.  By engaging the camera apparatus as a literal extension of my body, I bridge interior and exterior worlds, blurring the edge of what is “me” and what is “outside me.” Psychogeography made palpable.

Robert Todd. Flowerbed (2017 – 16mm – silent- 3 min)
Flowers and their ways.

Douglas Urbank. Portrait (2017 – 16mm – silent – 5 min)
An imagined portrait, handmade, improvised, stream of consciousness.

Brittany Gravely. Astrology (2018 – 16mm – 3 min)
An ancient artifact, an alchemical algorithm, astrological archaeology.

Robert Todd. Oblong Box (2016 – 16mm – 7:30 min)
Resting places: The weight of distances between lives brought together via passageways through and to the ends of things.

Stefan Grabowski. Le Trésor (2016 – 16mm – silent – 1 min)
Walking through Saint-Aquilin-de-Corbion, July 2016. A light rain fell steadily, slowly saturating my clothes and leaving me with a lingering chill, followed by a violent fever and a sleepless night. The treasure I found there was dingy and tarnished, but precious still.

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