John F. Phillips Memorial Screening February 2010

A film screening in memory of photographer and cinematographer John F.Phillips (1945-2010). John donated his darkroom photography materials to LIFT before his passing and he was the father of LIFT member Bennett Jones-Phillips. In the late 1960’s John taught photography and filmmaking at a free school for urban high school dropouts called Point Blank. At this school he taught a young Clay Borris who he struck up a lifelong friendship with. They made films together until the early 1970’s, often using Clay’s real family as actors and personal experiences as subject matter.
Featured at this screening will be 2 films made for the NFB of which John was the cinematographer and Clay the director. Additional footage of Paper Boy out-takes plus shots of the original Rose’s House Premier will be shown as well. There will be a reception afterwards with photos and magazine articles from the films on display.
Paper Boy (1971, 14 min)

Following a rebellious young lad as he wreaks havoc on his regular paper route. Some sensitive touches were added to his character to appease the NFB at the time, in what is otherwise a short film about nihilistic youth.
Rose’s House (1977, 58 min.)

A re-enactment of Clay’s mother Rose Maltais’ real experiences running a boarding house in Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighbourhood. When it comes to theft, bootlegging and violence in the house, Rose attempts to deal with her adversaries by brandishing her own form of justice; with as little involvement from outside authority as possible.
Jerry Borris, the Paper Boy himself will be in attendance and Clay Borris will be on hand to introduce the films.
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Tuesday 9 February 2010 –

Non-members: 5
Members: 5

Toronto Mediatheque 
150 John Street 
Toronto ON Canada