Strategies of the Medium V: GO BIG OR GO HOME – Screening and Panel Discussion

This installment of the “Strategies of the Medium” series is dedicated to artist film in 35mm. Often perceived as an inaccessible format and/or one geared towards industry uses, there is a growing circle of DIY filmmakers from around the world using 35mm in affordable, creative and unexpected ways. This screening explores the diversity of their practices from cameraless animation to sparse structural works. The program complements 35mm courses offered in the LIFT winter 2010 workshop season: 35mm Filmmaking: An Overview and Introduction to the 35mm Animation Stand.
The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with filmmakers Kelly Egan and Steven Woloshen.
Three hours, fifteen minutes before the hurricane struck (Christina Battle, Canada, 2006, 5:00, 35mm, b&w, silent)
 C:won Eyed Jail (Kelly Egan, Canada, 2005, 5:00, 35mm, colour, sound)
A Firefly (Kelly Egan, Canada, 2007, 2:05, 35mm, colour, sound)
Post Mark Lick (Sonia Bridge, U.K./Canada, 2002, 3:40, 35mm, colour, sound)
Going Back Home (Louise Bourque, Canada, 2000, 1:15, 35mm, colour, sound)
Ten thousand dreams (John Price, Canada, 2004, 6:00, 35mm, b&w, silent)
Love in the White City (Clive Holden, Canada, 2004, 7:30, 35mm, colour, sound)
Blue Tide, Black Water (Eve Gordon & Sam Hamilton, New Zealand, 2008, 9:00, 35mm, colour, sound)
The Babble on Palms (Steven Woloshen, Canada, 2001, 4:00, 35mm, colour, sound)
View of the Falls from the Canadian Side (John Price, Canada, 2006, 7:00, 35mm, colour, silent)
Editorial (Steven Woloshen, Canada, 2009, 10:00, 35mm, colour, sound)

Running time: 60.5 min.





Saturday 27 February 2010 –

Non-members: 8
Members: 5

129 Spadina 
Toronto ON Canada