Updates on LIFT Operations – June 2022


Saturday, June 11, 2022

Dear Members and Community,

Thank you for supporting us over the course of the pandemic as we have all done our best to keep each other safe. LIFT is now fully open for business, with access through the side door under the awning on Gladstone (our front door will continue to be closed for further notice).

This summer, LIFT asks that you follow two simple COVID-19 protocols to continue to keep our staff and each other safe:

1. Postpone your visit to LIFT if you have any symptoms of contagious illness.
2. Continue to wear a mask inside all areas of LIFT (common areas, edit suites, washrooms, etc.)

LIFT supports and represents a broad cross-section of people who have and continue to be affected by COVID-19. By continuing to support masking, we hope to do our part to make our facility as inclusive and accessible as we can to everyone. Masks include cloth, PPE or N95 / KN95 / KF94 masks that cover both your mouth and nose at all times.Thank you for working together with us on this safety measure.

While most provincial masking requirements in Ontario will be lifted on June 11, the Ontario Government has approved that organizations may implement their own policies as noted in their June 8 statement. With that in mind we have made the decision to ask our community members to continue to wear masks to ensure the health and safety of staff, fellow members, workshop instructors and participants.

Renewals and new applications for Production and Production Student memberships (renting levels) are available. Please keep in mind that new Production and Production Student memberships require a reference check, which takes approximately ten (10) business days. This reference check was part of LIFT’s membership process for many years before COVID-19.

General and General Student membership renewals continue as usual. New General and General Student memberships are also still available to purchase online.

All membership applications and renewals can be done via the online membership portal at https://lift.ca/lift-membership and payment options include PayPal, Credit Card or VISA Debit card. We do not accept cheques for membership, or any other type of LIFT products and services.

For any additional membership related inquiries, please email membership@lift.on.ca

– Store items are available for purchase via the online store. Current members can log on to the site with their members password to get discounted prices (Email tech@lift.on.ca if you don’t have a password).
– Store items will be shipped via Canada Post on Tuesdays and Fridays.
– While drop-in purchases are welcome, we encourage you to book pre-arranged time slots between 11:00am and 4:00pm.
– Masks must be worn at all times while visiting the LIFT premises in accordance with our guidelines.

– Please review our updated rental policy as there have been substantial changes.
– Only current Production and Production Student members can rent equipment.
– A designated person to pick up must be identified before they show up—can be the renting member or someone else specified by the renting member. It is expected that Production and Production Student members ensure the pickup person is informed of our extended masking policy and required proof of ID as listed in the rental policy.
– Masks must be worn at all times while visiting the LIFT premises in accordance with our guidelines.
– Same-day booking is possible for one or two small items. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee same-day bookings, so booking in advance is highly recommended.

– Facilities are available for Production and Production Student members only.
– Non-members are allowed to join the member in the rental facilities. (eg. Editor, Colourist, etc.). The LIFT member is liable for all equipment.
– Masks must be worn at all times while visiting the LIFT premises in accordance with our guidelines.
– Air purifiers with HEPA filters will be in facility spaces that have a booking.
– No eating inside the facilities. Drinks allowed, but are to be kept off the tables.
– UVC treatment and surface disinfection is performed, if deemed necessary, by staff.

– Half of the workshops in our summer season are available to take in-person at LIFT. Please see https://lift.ca/workshop-registration/ for workshop description and location.
– Masks must be worn during all indoor workshops to maintain expectations that were agreed upon when participants registered for the workshops. Outside teaching will be incorporated (weather permitting).
– Large air purifiers with HEPA filters will be in working rooms related to workshops.
– No eating inside the facility. Drinks allowed.
– UVC treatment and surface disinfection are performed after each workshop.

We will monitor our CO2 levels in the coming months as occupancy fluctuates to identify any areas of concern in our ventilation system. Our March 1 baseline measurements of all rooms have an average of 550 ppm, which is in line with good air exchange.

LIFT’s operating hours are Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 6:00pm ET.

For any other additional matters, feel free to email staff:

Chris Kennedy
Executive Director