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August 21, 2019
Dear LIFT Members,
With the renewal of our lease, the updating of our gear, the immense growth of new membership here, I would like to announce that we are putting into place new policies which will protect members and extend the lifetime of our analog gear, which I know you all cherish in your practice.
Attached as a link at the bottom of this message is the new Rental Policy Contract. With great care over the past year we have made note of things that no longer apply and things that need to be addressed on paper. I would like to highlight a few new policies and reaffirm some of our legacy clauses (numbers refer to clauses in the Contract).
3. Members who do not possess sufficient knowledge or experience to operate a piece of LIFT equipment that they wish to rent must take a private consultation and a test on that piece of equipment. The fee for the consultation is $50. Requests for private consultations should be made one month in advance of date needed. LIFT also provides three seasons of workshops per year offering a wide range of classes covering all equipment available through LIFT. Under the discretion of the Tech department, orientations and consultations can be arranged on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11:00am and 4:00pm.
4. Members wishing to rent the Arri III, Arri BL4, Arri SR II, Aaton XTR Prod, RED Epic Mysterium-X, the Ursa Mini with PL lenses, and/or any PL mount lenses must be and/or employ an experienced camera operator. Operators are subject to a hands-on proficiency test. This test must be booked in advance with the Technical Administrator. Tests will only be granted pending a booking and must be completed previous to the week of the booking. Only limited times are available. The test will be waived for current members of a Motion Picture Department union, provided proof of union membership and a copy of their cinematography resume is shown to the technical staff. Technical Coordinators will make the final judgement on whether the camera operator will be put on the Users List and granted usage of the equipment. The Doremi, analog projectors, film looper, and Christie are also subject to proficiency tests.
9. The LIFT member who rents and signs for the equipment accepts full liability for any loss or damage incurred while equipment is in their possession, regardless of fault. This also applies to rentals made in favour to non-members; any booking privileges will be suspended until all damage and replacement charges have been paid in full. All equipment is released as is with all elements of the kit. No adjustments to kits can be made.
9.a. All analog equipment is rented as is due to age, limited parts acquisition, and serviceability. Any issue and damage is subject to review upon completion of a damage report. No equipment will be released for use as properties or as art department fixtures.
10. Due to privacy of fellow members and staff, no visual or audio recordings can be made on the premises of the LIFT facility.
14. All equipment must be picked up between 2:00pm and 5:00pm. Members must come to pick up with crew fully capable of carrying and loading all items booked. Members who have equipment booked must pick-up and sign for equipment during office hours. First time renters must be present at pick up time with valid photo identification, no exceptions. Acceptable identification includes valid Canadian driver’s license, Ontario Photo Card or current passport. (Canadian Health Cards and expired passports will not accepted). Members who are unable to pick up must inform LIFT of who will be picking up on their behalf. The pick-up person must provide contact information and present one of the valid photo identification options listed above. Members must make pre-arrangements to sign the contract and pay prior to the release of the equipment.
16. None of LIFT’s equipment may be picked up and returned on Saturday, Sunday, or after office hours. Productions that require equipment on Friday nights after 6:00pm or Monday mornings before 10:00am must be rented for the weekend rate of 1.5 days.
17. Every member is responsible for LIFT equipment booked in their name. When a member signs the equipment rental contract they agree that the equipment was in working order when it was picked up. Members have 24 hours to take a photo of any damaged or missing equipment not noted upon pickup and send it to for assistance and/or replacement. If the equipment is lost or returned damaged the member is liable for all repair or replacement costs. Any damaged or lost equipment will be charged an additional 10% administrative fee on top of the cost of repair and/or replacement. If an item is missing for five (5) days, it will be assumed lost, automatically replaced and charged to the member. If more than thirty (30) days expires between the return and payment for damage or replacement LIFT will engage external collection agencies to secure payment. If the damage or loss is determined to be negligent or outside of LIFT’s insurance policies the member renting the equipment will be liable for all costs associated with damage or loss of the rental item including scheduled and projected rentals.
Any questions regarding the updates can be directed to me at director(at)
Subject Heading: LIFT Equipment Rental Policies
Happy shooting,
Chris Kennedy
Executive Director
Full Rental Policy available here: