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Aaton XTR Prod Camera Package (Sup.16mm)

Aaton XTR Prod Camera Package (Sup.16mm) Aaton XTR Prod Camera Package (Sup.16mm)
The lightest, smallest, and quiestest Super 16 package ever made, the AATON XTR Prod is well known, and still widely used today thanks to its compact size and low weight. 

Camera build shown in photo has matte box fitted. These are available to rent separately.

The Follow Focus Kit includes: Body with rod slots, grip wheel (x2), lens contact gear + screw (x2), Lollipop handle extension.

***Please note that batteries are NOT included with this package***

A profiency test is mandatory to rent this item. A proficiency test is also mandatory to rent any PL mount lenses from LIFT. 

Suggested Accessories:
(Arri PL) Optar Prime Lens Kit (S16)
Arri 3x3 SR2 Matte Box Kit​
IDX JL-2 Plus Lithium Battery Combo

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Package includes: 

2x 13" Rod
2x 2.5" Rod
1x 4-Pin XLR DMX Cable
3x 400' Magazine
2x 5" Rod
1x Aaton XTR Prod Camera Body w/ Baseplate
1x ARRI Dovetail
1x ARRI FF2 Follow Focus Kit
1x B/W Video Assist
4x Hard Case
1x Manual
1x Right Hand Grip
1x Spare Fuse
1x Zeiss 10-100mm / T1.8


Per day: $175
Per week: $700