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Bright Tangerine Matte Box Kit

Bright Tangerine Matte Box Kit
The Bright Tangerine Misfit Kick Swing-Away Matte Box Kit  offers a basic 4 x 5.65" matte box solution for clamp-on or 15mm LWS rod-based use, and set of Schneider ND Glass Filters.

Package includes: 

1x 114mm Frame Safe Clamp
1x 15mm LWS Swing-Away Arm
3x 4 x 5.65 Filter Tray
1x 80mm Ring
2x Extra Barn Door
7x Filter Pouch
1x Hard Case
5x LMB 4 x 5 SPH
1x Misfit Kick Frame
1x ND 0.3 Glass
1x ND 0.6 Glass
1x ND 0.9 Glass
1x ND 1.2 Glass
1x ND 1.5 Glass
1x ND 1.8 Glass
1x ND 2.1 Glass


Per day: $45
Per week: $180