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PSC Promix 6-Six Channel Field Mixer #1

PSC Promix 6-Six Channel Field Mixer #1
The PSC DV PROMIX 6 is a professional field audio mixer designed to fit the needs of DV Cam users and professional field audio engineers. The mixer's 6 input channels feature balanced XLR female inputs, switchable between microphone and line level signal. Each input provdes a dedicated direct output and individually switchable +48v phantom power. Left, Right and Center position switches are located on every input channel, routing signals to searate destinations or for panoramic placement of audio via the stereo outputs.

ENG Breakaway cable suggested for ease of use when recording in a single system (camera as a sound recorder).

Features include: 
Six XLR balanced inputs with low noise pre-amp
Six dedicated line outputs (pre-fade)
Two stereo auxiliary outputs
Two camera feeds with return
Mixer gang connector
Pre-fade listen for all outputs
Bright/adjustable LED peak metering
Low cut filtering

*requires eight AA batteries for field operation

Package includes: 

1x AC to DC Power Adaptor
1x Pelican Case
1x PSC Promix 6
1x PSC Shoulder Bag


Per day: $25
Per week: $100