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Canon Scoopic 16M Camera B (16mm)

no picture foundOriginally marketed in 1973, the Scoopic 16M was designed with more new functionality after the Soopic 16 that was developed in 1965. The “M” in the name “Scoopic 16M” denoted “Macro”, making this camera the first 16 mm movie camera in the world with a macro lens capable of shooting at distances up to 80mm from the front end of the lens.

*NOTE: This Scoopic has been modified with a 4-pin connector for use with NP-1 Style Batteries (Not Included). If interested in a model which includes original Scoopic batteries, see Scoopic Camera A*

*NOTE: A proficiency test is mandatory to rent this item.*

Technical Specifications:
- Format: Regular 16mm
- Filming Speeds: 16, 24, 32, 48, 64 fps and single-frame
- Shutter Opening: 170 Degrees
- Weight: 3,300g
- Lens: 12.5mm - 75 mm (f/1.8) (16 elements in 12 groups)
- Macro Focal Length: 80mm - 750 mm from lens front
- Filter Thread Diameter : 72 mm

Suggested Accessories:
IDX JL-2 Plus Lithium Battery Combo
Sekonic L-398A Light Meter (or) Soligor Spot Sensor II
- Camgear V20P Tripod (or) Cartoni Gamma Tripod

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Package includes: 

1x 4-Pin to NP-1 Battery Adapter
1x 4-Pin XLR Curly Cable
1x Camera body with fixed 12.5-75MM macro zoom
1x Canon 9mm Wide-Angle Adapter
1x Hardcase
2x Lens Hood
1x Manual


Per day: $25
Per week: $100