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Aaton XTR Camera Package (Super 16mm)

Aaton XTR Camera Package (Super 16mm) Aaton XTR Camera Package (Super 16mm)
*NOTE: This Aaton is not an Aaton XTR Prod.

There are a few differences between this unit, and our other Aaton camera.

This camera only comes equipped with its own zoom Aaton-mount lens, which is not interchangeable with any other lens here at LIFT. Additionally, it has a slightly different LCD interface than the XTR Prod. Please keep this in mind when renting the camera. 

Technical Specifications:
- Lens Mount: Aaton
- Magazine: 400 ft, coaxial, quick loading
- Formats: 16 / Super16
- crystal speeds of 6, 12, 20, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 48, 50, 60, 75

*NOTE: Batteries are NOT included with this package*
*NOTE: A proficiency test is also mandatory to rent any PL mount lenses from LIFT*

Provided through a rental share with Queen's Film & Media.

Suggested Accessories:
IDX JL-2 Plus Lithium Battery Combo
ARRI 4x4 Swing-Away Matte Box (or) Bright Tangerine Matte Box Kit
- Camgear V20P Tripod (or) Cartoni Gamma Tripod
Sekonic L-398A Light Meter (or) Soligor Spot Sensor II


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Package includes: 

2x 400' Magazine
1x 85b Filter in Tiffen bag
1x 85N6 Filter in Tiffen bag
1x Aaton XTR Camera Body
1x Angenieux Lens (f/1.9. with a lens cap
1x Brush
1x Manual
1x Mattebox
2x Rods


Per day: $125
Per week: $500