Indigenous Routes

The Indigenous Routes Collective coordinated an eight-week intensive training project partnering professional media artists with seven indigenous youth to collaboratively produce an interactive documentary for web-based dissemination. LIFT partnered with Indigenous routes to provide training and facilities. Participants included, Cheyenne Scott, Alana McLeod, Beth Kotierk, Jacob Maracle, Cameron Parkinson, Asivak Koostachin, Nigel Irwin- Brochman. Mentors included: Phil Cote with Cultural Teachings, Shane Belcourt for Video and  Production, Jordan O’Connor with Sound and Sound Art, Jason Ebanks with Location and Independent recording, Terril Calder with Animation Techniques, Keesic Douglas on Photography, David Han with Arduino Software, and Steven Loft for Curation.

Installations premiere at the imagineNATIVE and Gallery 44 group youth exhibition, Resonate.

Indigenous Routes Collective is an ad hoc group formed in August 2011 by Amanda Strong, Archer Pechawis and Ben Donoghue to carry out a community collaborative project producing an interactive documentary with six native youth. Through the development phase of this project discussions have begun regarding the formalization of Indigenous Routes as a non-profit organization to meet the growing need for new media training for indigenous youth.


Starting: Tuesday 12 June 2012 00:00

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