Internet Movie Database Pro (IMDbPro)

The Internet Movie Database (IMDbPro) is the essential resource for entertainment industry professionals. The membership-based service includes comprehensive information and tools that are designed to help members of the entertainment industry find success throughout all stages of their career.

Intimacy Coordinators Canada

A collective of Intimacy Coordinators, founded by Canada’s first-ever Intimacy Coordinator for film and television, Lindsay Somers. We are here to help build a safe plan for creative expression with nudity and/or simulated sex for film and television.

Jean-Louis Seguin

Jean-Louis Seguin is a camera repairman and supplier specializing in motion picture equipment and Bolex specifically in Montréal, Canada since 1985.

Joe Sutherland Rentals

Joe Sutherland Rentals is Toronto’s premier rental supplier to the video production industry. We carry many brands of HD and 4K cameras and provide productions with high quality equipment and accessories. We also have lenses, monitors, sliders, dollies, grip, lighting and much more.

Keslow Camera

Keslow Camera provides state-of-the-art camera equipment and solutions to feature films, television, and commercial productions around the globe. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, the company also operates from locations in Vancouver, New Mexico, Utah, Chicago, Atlanta and Toronto.

Kino Flo

Kino Flo LED Systems designs and manufactures LED-based lighting for cinema and television production. The company is best known for developing proprietary LEDs based on a color science technology that ensures color quality unsurpassed for lighting both close-ups and large studio spaces.

Kino Flo Lighting Systems

Manufacturer of LED and FLO soft lighting systems providing professional equipment for HD Cinematography, Television and Video entertainment industry since 1987.

König & Meyer

The name König & Meyer has stood for sophisticated and original music accessories for 70 years.


This website and discussion list are dedicated to sharing information and resources on motion picture equipment designed and built in Russia and the former Soviet Union (USSR), mainly (but not exclusively) the Kinor 16mm, Kinor 35mm and Konvas series 35mm motion picture cameras, and LOMO lenses.

Leitz Cine Wetzlar

Leitz Cine Wetzlar represents the highest quality available for the most demanding motion picture environments. Originally founded as CW Sonderoptic in 2008 to design, manufacture and market Leitz-branded cine lenses for film, television and commercial production.