Strategies of the Medium II: Printed Light

Published: 11 July 2009

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Curatorial essay by Chris Gehman


Artists: Gary Popovich, Louise Bourque, John Kneller, Amanda Dawn Christie, Martin Arnold, Alexandre Larose, François Miron, Christina Battle,
Barbara Sternberg.


Strategies of the Medium II: Printed Light
This screening represents a diversity of contemporary practices that use the optical printer and contact printer as primary production tools. Staples of analogue special effects and film manipulation, optical printers and contact printers are among the most versatile tools in the filmmaker’s toolbox. LIFT currently has two purpose-built optical printers and one contact printer in use, as well as an animation stand modified to serve as an additional printer for special uses. Included among these instruments is an Oxberry 1700 (for 35mm or 16mm), one of the most versatile and precise printers available anywhere. This program introduces a season of workshops devoted to optical printing.


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