Strategies of the Medium I: Animating Analogue

Published: 19 June 2009

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Curatorial essay by Chris Gehman


Artists: Chris Gehman, Ed Ackerman & Colin Morton, Rick Raxlen, Amy Lockhart, Larry Jordan, Wendy Tilby, Jonathan Amitay Frank & Caroline Mouris, Janie


Strategies of the Medium I: Animating Analogue
In this program LIFT reflects on current practices in film-based animation using professional animation stands, representing a wide range of styles and techniques. These animation stands—on which nearly all animation was produced pre-Flash and CGI—are remarkably versatile and complex machines. With a current complement of three Oxberry stands, both 16mm and 35mm, LIFT has remarkable resources available to filmmakers wishing to explore the world of animation. The screening will be followed by a brief panel discussion featuring Canadian artists who work with film-based animation. This program introduces and complements the upcoming season of creative and technical workshops devoted to film-based animation.


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