LIFT Newsletter Febrary A 1992

Published: 1 February 1992

1992 February A


LIFT Newsletter Febrary 1992


Content: Girls, Girls, Girls


1) Racial Equity Fund Award Winners


3) At the Refusing Censorship forum last November, Susan Ditta, the head of the Media Arts at the Canada Council spoke about her expereinces with the Ontario Censor Board. Here is a rather truncated version.


9) The stages of production. Pre, In, Post. Here you have it, lists and lits. For sure there are uncharted films. I’ve seen you workin and your name is not on that list. If you don’t see your name, your film, give Sally a call, tell us so we can be so very accurate next time round.


14) Check it out, or rather, how to slow down when your rushing away with the equipment.


15) Tons of juicy information; festivals, conferences, scholarships, jobs, screenings and congratulations, hope it tastes good.


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