Summer 2019 Studio Immersion Program – Artist Talk and Screening: Blinn & Lambert

Romantic Love by Blinn & Lambert


Blinn & Lambert will screen Romantic Love, a 23 minute dual dual 35mm slide projection. For this project they developed an imaging technique that is haptic, laborious, and unpredictable. It is incapable of linear perspective, and instead generates perspectives that are isometric and optically reversible. Here, a prolonged meditation on a single shirt from one of our wardrobe is both architectural and anthropomorphic.

Blinn & Lambert are currently working on an experimental animation that utilizes a hybrid process of digital 3D modeling, 2D digital animation, long-exposure analog photography and ultimately 16mm film. They will show other works in progress from their time at LIFT and PIX FILM Studio Immersion Program.

Blinn & Lambert is the pseudonym for the collaborative duo of Nicholas Steindorf and Kyle Williams. Although they work primarily in moving image, their practice is rooted in the elastic field of painting. Their work is motivated by the history of image-making technologies—CGI interfaces, Dutch still life paintings, practical cinema effects, stereoscopic cameras—and the way these technologies can be paradigms for describing time, material, and screen presence. Their videos and animations explore humor, desire, anxiety, and bewilderment through meditations on quotidian objects. Ultimately, they want to give viewers time with objects that have been nudged out of their place in the world, and a cinematic re-imaging of the space that exists between us and our things.

Nicholas Steindorf and Kyle Williams are in residence as a filmmakers in the Studio Immersion Program.

The LIFT and PIX FILM Studio Immersion Program is generously supported by the Petman Foundation.


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Wednesday 7 August 2019 –

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