Strategies of the Medium IV: 27 Seconds – The Bolex



This fourth installment of the Strategies of the Medium series will focus on international works that use the limitations and flexibility of the spring wound Bolex camera as a structural element of composition. The Bolex cameras are perhaps the most accessible and flexible 16mm and Super 16 production tools. Both locally and internationally there is a strong tradition of filmmakers experimenting with these elements and this program will seek to demonstrate the variety of results possible. The program will conclude with a discussion with some of the filmmakers who have integrated the rhythms of the Bolex camera into their working practice. This program will be supplemented by 16mm Filmmaking with the Bolex, a special production course focused on 16mm films offered as part of LIFT’s fall 2009 workshop season. A catalogue with an accompanying essay by Chris Kennedy will be available at the screening.
Featured Films:
Recamara, Rosario Sotelo
Somewhere between Jalosotitlan and Encarnacion, Philip Hoffman
A & B in Ontario, Joyce Weiland and Hollis Frampton
Bouquets 21-30, Rose Lowder
January 15, 1991: Gulf War Diary, Susan Oxtoby
Incantation, Cara Morton
Burning, Barbara Sternberg
Cloud Fragments, Chris Welsby
Stable, Robert Todd


Robert Todd and Barbara Sternberg in person

The Strategies of the Medium series is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and runs through the spring of 2010.


Saturday 21 November 2009 19:00  

Non-members: 8
Members: 5

Trash Palace 
89b Niagara Street 
Toronto ON Canada