Spike Milligan’s “The Goon Show” – NRATI


Facilitated by Amy Lam, Jon McCurley and cheyanne turions



Facilitated by Amy Lam, Jon McCurley and cheyanne turions


In conjunction with XPACE’s presentation of What Goes Around Comes Around, Phase One, artist duo Life of a Craphead have selected an episode of The Goon Show to read aloud in compliment to the exhibition. Curated by Derek Liddington and Jennie Suddick, What Goes Around Comes Around offers a glimpse into artistic trends that utilize collectivity as not only the means of production, but a platform for political and social interaction. Presented in three phases where artists will react, reshape and recontextualize each others contributions, Life of a Craphead will create the initial ambiance in the form a filmset. The Goon Show, a British radio program of the 1950s, segues with Life of a Craphead in their shared commitment to ludicrous plotlines, satirical takes on contemporary life and surreal uses of humour. The filmset may or may not be used as an impromptu stage for acting out the strange musings of The Goon Show.


Participation in No Reading After the Internet is free and open to everyone, regardless of their familiarity with a text or its author. Texts will be handed out at the salon. No pre-reading or research is required.


Participants are encouraged to attend the related exhibition, What Goes Around Comes Around, on view at XPACE Cultural Centre (58 Ossington Avenue), 18 June-19 August 2011.


Life of a Craphead is Toronto-based artists Jon McCurley and Amy Lam, who collaboration dates back to 2005. They do live comedy and plays and organize entertainment events. They specialize in creating unreasonable situations and promote feelings of “no control/no one knows/no one knows whats going on/what the hell/oh shit.” Amy Lam is President of the Board of Directors of Art Metropole, an internationally renowned centre for the distribution and promotion of artist-initiated publishing. Jon McCurely co-founded and co-curates Double Double Land, a music/art/theatre/everything venue in Toronto.


The event is co-presented with the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto and XPACE Cultural Centre.



Monday 27 June 2011 –

Non-members: Free
Members: Free

58 Ossington Avenue 
Toronto Canada